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How to cure sleep apnea without cpap

How to cure sleep apnea without cpap

How to cure sleep apnea without cpapOne of the biggest hinderence that comes with serious sleep apnea is the fact that you have to use a continous postitive airway pressure (cpap) this can be a massive pain and it is the number one reason why people can’t stand sleep apnea and if you didnt have to use a cpap, sleep apnea would not be anywhere near as bad. But the truth is, many experts say that you NEED a cpac if you have sleep apnea, but there is many natural ways that you use which will teach you how to cure sleep apnea without cpap.

Firstly there are many products that you can use which will help you breath better without the need of cpap, just ask your doctor and he should supply you with this. However if you have serious sleep apnea then he may just recommend the cpac straight away, I wouldnt argue too much as a cpap can indeed save your life. Also you may be recommened to look to how to cure sleep apnea without cpap online, and because you are reading this article, I guess that is what you have done and its definatly the first step I would recommend, hopefully after reading this article it will clear your mind and you will know how to cure sleep apnea without cpap.

But before we get into the how to cure sleep apnea without cpap. We need to know exactly what sleep apnea is, you probably already know this but for some it can be a different story, its vital to know exactly what sleep apnea is so that you can get the most out of the treatments.  So what is sleep apnea? Basically it is when a person has a slight pause in breathing whilst sleeping. Yes you stop breathing. But relax, it is not as bad as it sounds, you may only stop breathing for a couple of second and you wouldnt know a thing about it. This generally occurs about five times per hour.

I know that Looking how to cure sleep apnea without cpap is incredibly important because Cpap’s are so annoying, they really get in the way of everyday activities. The heavy machine can making you bed bound and it really isn’t a pleasure place to be, makes you feel like your kept alive by a machine and to a certain extend you are but only in severe cases. Hopefully by reading this article on how to cure sleep apnea without cpap you won’t ever have the need to use a cpap machine.

Not sure if you have sleep apnea? then you can check your self at home, its not a problem there is many tests on the Internet that will help you find the answer to this question. And although they may not be 100% gaurenteed to determine if you have sleep apnea or not, they give you a fairly good idea. If it is bad news and the test turns out that you do indeed have sleep apnea then unfortunatly you will need to see the doctor. As his test’s are certain to tell you if you have sleep apnea or not.

You may be taken to a sleep facility and don’t panic, it’s not as bad you might think. All you have to do is sleep normally and many of the sleep apnea experts will be monitoring you whilst you sleep, your in safe hands.

There is a big rumor that is going around, a myth if you want to call it that. What people are claiming is that sleep apnea is just snoring, whilst yes. Sleep apnea can contribute to snoring, that is only a side affect of the main problem, which is a blockage in your airways which stops you from breathing at night. Don’t ever forget that is the main problem.

Firstly we need to find out what actually caused or is causing your sleep apnea, nine times out of ten sleep apnea cases are down to being overweight so if you fall into this category then Im afraid to say that you NEED to lose weight, your life literally depends on it. Just keep thinking about it whilst you are exercising to keep you motivated. Its incredibly important that you exercise and eat properly and this is step one of how to cure sleep apnea without cpap. And is easily the most important step, if you don’t do this this no other treatments will work.

Thank you for reading this short article which I hope made it a little bit more clear on how to cure sleep apnea without cpap.

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  • Adele:

    I’ve had mild sleep apnea for a couple of months now and it really seems to be getting worst, the last thing I want is to be put on a cpap machine, hopefully I can cure this naturally.

  • Stanley Jones:

    Very intresting article Tom, I agree with what you said, having to be on a Cpap is the worst part about sleep apnea, hopefully some of these methods will help my sleep apnea out, I only want surgery to be last resort option you know?

  • Michele P:

    Great read, I’m lucky enough to not suffer from sleep apnea, but I do know someone that does and he has it bad… on cpap daily, going through a rough time with his parter because of it, Follow this advice people!

  • Really good article, I respect you for making a site based on sleep apnea, anything about health is a real bonus to the Internet and there is so good information here that will surely help some unfortunate to have the condition.

  • Darla Ezzy:

    Some very usefull tips you got here, wish I knew about these cures before I had surgery…

  • Leonardo:

    Good post, cpap machines don’t CURE sleep apnea anyway do they? correct me if im wrong but I just though they assist with your breathing so ultimatly you do need to find another form of treating that will cure sleep apnea

  • This post was very imformative and helpful! i’ll be sure to tell my friend who was sleep apnea about it.

  • Tiffany Dufrene:

    I simply had to thank you so much once more. I’m not certain what I would have tried without those points documented by you on such theme. It had been a very frustrating dilemma in my position, but observing a new skilled tactic you treated that forced me to weep with delight. I’m happy for your guidance and thus sincerely hope you know what a great job your are putting in educating other individuals with the aid of your web blog. I am sure you have never come across any of us.

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